ANSI 5010 and Medisoft v17 with Revenue Management

ANSI 5010 is a new transaction standard for the exchange of information between payers, clearinghouses and provider offices or billing services. Many fields are in the new standard which were not included in the existing ANSI 4010 transactions. Medisoft v17 includes all the fields necessary to send information in the ANSI 5010 standard and therefore is ĎANSI 5010 compliantí.  Previous versions of Medisoft do not contain the necessary fields and therefore are not compliant. For an overview of the reasons the new standard was developed and some of the differences, click here.

Note that Medisoft v17 only creates an ANSI file when Revenue Management is used to bill electronic claims. Print image billing does not use the ANSI standard.

For reasons you should upgrade to v17 of Medisoft and send claim in the ANSI 5010 format, click here.

For users of a clearinghouse, no testing will be required. Testing the 5010 with Medicare and other payers is only necessary when not using a clearinghouse. The clearinghouse (Availity, Gateway, etc) will do the testing with the carriers so the practice or billing service does not.  The user will not need to complete the testing of 5010 with the clearinghouse since this will be performed by Compuhealth.

Check back for more announcements on the ANSI 5010 standard and itís affect on your billing.

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