Electronic Claim Solutions


Electronic Claims with Revenue Management

At CompuHealth, we are experts at EDI. We can help you choose the best electronic claims solution for your practice, help you enroll with the clearinghouse of your choice, and provide you with thorough training and knowledgeable support.  With Medisoft and Revenue Management, you can:

1)   Send Primary and Secondary claims electronically, even UBs (ANSI 837 P and 837 I)

2)   Post Remittance Advice (electronic EOBs)(ANSI 835)click here for more details.

3)   All claims are checked for errors twice before leaving the office (common and CCI edits, CPT and ICD code validity – edits are configurable)

4)   All claims are sent using the HIPAA mandated ANSI transaction set, so no ‘translation’ by the receiver is needed.

5)   Medisoft 17 is ANSI 5010 compliant click here for details.

6)   CompuHealth has the ability to modify the ANSI file to fit your practice and keep up with changes in the industry

7)   We work closely with 4 different clearinghouses – Availity, Gateway EDI, Health-e-Web and Relay Health – to give you more choices. We can write custom connections to other receivers as well.

Not doing electronic claims yet? Here are a few reasons to consider electronic claims:

1)  1)    Paper claims are far from free. With postage, paper, ink and staff time, you are probably spending about $1.50 to $2.00 a claim.

2)  2)    Electronic claims are ‘scrubbed’ multiple times before reaching the payer. Therefore, errors are caught immediately or in a few days, giving staff the opportunity to correct and resend much sooner. Consider how much money is lost if even one or two claims a month are ‘lost.’ Since fewer claims are denied at the payer, cash flow for the office is increased. For Medicare and some other payers, the payment is sent in half the time of paper claims, further increasing cash flow.


Why ANSI – Why not Print Image?

Sending ANSI directly from your software to the clearinghouse means less translation and manipulation of the claims file, and that mean fewer denied or lost claims. Most clients who have moved from print image to ANSI have seen an increase in cash flow. And you can send secondary claims EDI with ANSI and post Electronic Remittances.