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Medisoft v19 is now available for download. (Updated 11-22-13)

Medisoft v19.1 and the hotfix is now available for download.  (Updated 4-24-14)

Call John at 800-592-9826 option 2 or email for demo and a quote. Updated (4-17-12)

EDI NEWS - ANSI 5010 - ICD-10:
Click here for the updated ANSI 5010 information page. 
Click here for the summary on the ANSI 5010 standard implementation. (updated July 2011)
Click here for information on ‘subpart’ billing and a document you may have received from Molina.


If you are having difficulty posting ERA files from Premera and Lifewise, click here. (Updated 07-11-11)
How electronic remittance posting works in Revenue Managment for Medisoft, click for demo here.
Click here for the latest news from Availity about clearing Premera claims.
Is your Revenue Management application suddenly asking for a user name and password? Click here.
Are you taking advantage of all that electronic claims have to offer? Click here.


    AVAILITY: View this document for an explanation of the changes Availity is making to Reports on 1/15/2011 and recommendations for making them work with Medisoft.  Please note that this document is 8 MB and could take a few minutes to download.




To our valued customers sending Premera LifeWise Health Plan claims through the Availity Clearinghouse:

If you bill Premera Blue Cross /LifeWise Health Plan claims, you have likely received a “News Brief” notification from Premera that billers will no longer be able to send Premera or LifeWise claims to the Availity Clearinghouse after December 31st 2010. THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE. You can continue to send claims through Availity through June 1st 2011.

In a letter from Availity the Manager of National Channel Sales has confirmed this extension.

While this is an unfortunate situation, rest assured CompuHealth Northwest has a solution for you. We can send your Premera claims directly to Premera, bypassing the Availity Clearinghouse with Medisoft V17 with Revenue Manager. So your claims – and your income – will not be interrupted. In addition, you will be able to download electronic remittance advice and post your Premera and Life Wise EOBs with a few clicks of the mouse.

We expect this option to be available to our clients by April 1, 2011, well ahead of the June 1, 2011deadline announced by Premera for making the change.