Office Hours Professional

 Manage Your Patient Appointments with Office Hours Professional

Office Hours Professional offers the best value in patient appointment scheduling solutions because of its computerized speed, flexibility, and efficiency.

 Schedule appointments with ease

 Office Hours Professional simple screen layout makes it easy to learn and use.

Click for larger image Office Hours Professional's easy-to-use screens make scheduling, canceling, and rescheduling appointments easy.

(Click graphic to see a sample screen shot.)

Organize your appointment schedule

Office Hours Professional allows you to set up a color-coded appointment template to reserve time slots for certain types of appointments. It organizes your appointments allowing you to see more patients.

Click for larger view Appointment Templates let you assign types of appointments to specific time slots.

(Click graphic to see a sample screen shot.)

Choose what works best for you

Office Hours Professional gives you several options for displaying appointments and you choose which works best for your office.

When you use Office Hours Professional with Medisoft, you'll be able to share patient data saving you time when setting up appointments.  Plus, you'll have access to many of Medisoft's features:

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